About Golrang Industrial Group

We and our colleagues at “Golrang Industrial Group” are working together by co-creating a dynamic economic complex in various areas of investment. In addition to the production of articles in the past years, in recent years we have entered the field of foreign investment and international exchanges which includes, among others, the cosmetics industry. We have formed Golrang Industrial Group by solely relying on the efforts of the private sector; Thereafter, by taking advantage from the entrepreneurial spirit and with the aim of improving the family lifestyle, we expanded our business up to the extent that until today, we have been able to establish more than 50 active brands and more than 80 companies which are active in the fields of production, commerce and services. Our business encompasses a variety of areas; areas such as: Detergent and health industries, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, cellulose industries, distribution and sales, cosmetics industries, construction, printing and packaging, insurance services, global transportation, manufacturing of plastic chemicals and polymers, educational services, information technology and so on. Currently, we are more than 40,000 colleagues in this industrial group, and our vision is to join the list of the top 500 international companies by 2025; in such a manner that 40% of the sales of this industrial group are international and extraterritorial. In Golrang Industrial Group, for many years we have succeeded in creating tens of famous brands in various industries that are active in various economic fields. Almost all Iranians and some of the regional and international consumers are familiar with many of our brands; Brands such as Golrang, Avé, Softlan, Oila, Famila, Active, Biodent, Barley, Nancy, Home Plus, Merci, Merident, Action, Santin, Kimball, and so on. Offering and selling over one billion units of products per year, having a growth rate of more than three times the average industry growth over the past 20 years, producing more than 120 product groups (which includes 3,500 types of articles), investments with a value of more than 400 billion Rials in order to equip and develop research laboratories, and many other activities are among our capabilities in Golrang Industrial Group. We are one of the leading groups in the field of medicine and treatment, considering the importance and the role of health in the society, and we have made significant investments in this field by taking advantage from knowledge-based companies. The strength of our distribution network is exemplary, and currently the distribution companies of Golrang Industrial Group are among the most powerful distribution companies in Iran. Furthermore, one of our valuable achievements is removing the unnecessary intermediaries, which has resulted in decreasing the cost price and providing the consumer with products that have a reasonable price. Our presence in the cultural area is also significant, and currently we own the largest cinema complex in the Middle East. Production, import and export of various food products are among our activities. We have always been innovative in the field of food health and have taken steps towards the health of society. Our products and services are currently exported to more than 30 countries around the world, and we are focusing on increasing the number of these destinations every year based on our development strategy.