Ghasem Ali Ashofteh

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company is based on the four pillars of ethics, knowledge, expertise and experience. We believe that the development of this group will not be achieved except by relying solely on local experts and the promotion of research and development units. All the efforts of this group are invested on contributing to promote the health of the community and provide services in the field of medicine to our compatriots, and the main focus is on reducing dependence from abroad through innovation in the entire pharmaceutical value chain from the active ingredient to the final product. During the past years, important steps have been taken in this field and with concentrating on the strategic document of the pharmaceutical group, we will be among the top three companies in the field of pharmaceuticals up to the horizon of 2025.

Introducing Golrang pharmaceutical group

Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company was established in 2010 by Golrang Industrial Group in the Islamic Republic of Iran and entered into the important and fundamental field of the pharmaceutical industry. With the help of its knowledge-based companies, experienced managers and the round-the-clock efforts of specialized staff, Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company has paved the route of progress in the field of production and supply of pharmaceutical products in such a way that nowadays, not only it possesses the ability to produce pharmaceutical products from raw material(API) to the final product, but also exports a significant amount of its products to other countries. Currently, 13 companies with 260 products are active in the fields of pharmaceuticals, raw materials, final products, pharmaceutical, herbal and food supplements

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World Health Day 2023

On 7 April 2023  ̶  World Health Day  ̶  the World Health Organization will observe its 75th anniversary