Pajhoohesh Gostaran Taghziye Asan

By believing in and looking at the necessity of intelligent nutrition of all individuals in the society based on the age and sex groups and meeting nutritional needs in specific physiological conditions and diseases, Pajhoohesh Gostaran Taghziye Asan Company, which is a company based on technical knowledge of food science and nutrition has started its activity as a startup in the form of a technology core with the participation of a number of faculty members of the University of Medical Sciences in the Center for Growth and Innovation affiliated to the Science and Technology Department in 2016 and, afterwards it was registered as a private joint stock company in 2017. From the beginning of its activity, based on the nutritional needs of the society, the company has started its basic research and knowledge-based activities in the field of formulation and production of nutritional powders and super beneficial foods, and has always tried to dynamically and systematically and by relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources, create a basket of products that are in line with the realization of production and that meet the nutritional needs of the Iranian community based on previous researches, and to introduce products to the Iranian market using research and development activities and by applying up-to-date nutrition knowledge and advanced food industry technologies, that have a comparative advantage in competition with similar imported products so as to eliminate the need for imports. Currently, the Pajhoohesh Gostaran Taghziye Asan Company is one of the subsidiaries of Golrang Pharmaceuticals Investment Holding which has continued its joint activity with this investment holding since 2019 and works in accordance with the mission statement of Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Group, which is based on "excellent products", "health field", "improving the quality of life", "modern technology and human resource innovation". This company has always been trying to dynamically and systematically and by relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources create a product that not only is able to meet the specific nutritional needs of people in any period of life, according to their own tastes and preferences and by emphasizing the health promotion and improving the quality of life, but also is able to obviate the need of importation of that product to the country. In line with promoting the health of the society and through creation of new intelligent nutrition opportunities, the Pajhoohesh Gostaran Taghziye Asan Company has investigated the real needs of people in the society and by detecting the micronutrients and macronutrients that are necessary for these people, has started to manufacture its products by designing and producing three products for the nutrition of children, adults (standard product) and people who need to receive high protein per day (High protein product) in two flavors of vanilla and chocolate, and further aims to achieve its predetermined goals in terms of promoting the health of Iranian society through designing and producing a diverse basket of health-oriented products based on the latest scientific achievements in the world and super beneficial foods that are needed to maintain and promote the health of consumers.