A human resources risk management course

A human resources risk management training course was held in the training hall of Golrang Industrial Group on July 4, 2022. This training course was attended by human resources (HR) directors and experts of Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company.

The instructor of this training course was Dr. Elham Ebrahimi who has a Ph.D. in human resource management (HRM) from Tehran University and is a faculty member of the Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies and the Director of Humanities Research Application. The main subjects explained to the attendees in this course were the principles and basics of HR risk management and the identification, evaluation, estimation, analysis, and prioritization of all the resulting risks using different types of resources and methods to minimize and control the effects of other events on HRM. In addition, different types of risks arising from legal responsibilities, project failures, events, credit risks, and real events that may threaten an organization and its HRM were discussed in this course.

The main reference used in this training course was Human Resource Risk Management written by Dr. Elham Ebrahimi and Dr. Arian Gholipour, published by Mehrban Publication. Those interested in this subject can read this book to gain more information and details about human resource risk management. The main topics of this book that were taught in this course are as follows:


          Concept of risk

          Aspects of risk

          Organizational definition of risk

۲.Human resources risks

          Definition of human resources management

          Classification of human resource risks

۳.Staff or individual risks

          Definition of staff risk

          Classification of staff risks

۴.Human resource risk management

          An introduction to risk management process

          Concepts of identification, analysis, assessment, and dealing with human resource risks

۵.Identification of human resource risks

          A basis for classification of human resource risks

          Some techniques for identification of human resource risks

۶.Analysis and assessment of human resource risks

          Some methods of human resource risk analysis

          Some methods for assessment of human resource risks

۷.Dealing with human resource risks

          Process of dealing with human resource risks

          Strategies for dealing with human resource risks

۸.Optimization of human resource risks

         Concept of optimization of human resource risks

         Some techniques for optimization of human resource risks

The above-mentioned topics, along with some exercises, have been included in three courses, i.e. identification of risks of HR processes, analysis and assessment of relevant risks, and dealing with relevant risks, to broaden the knowledge of attendees.

Golrang Pharmaceutical Group holds such training courses to increase the awareness of HR directors and experts about the risks that members of this large organization may face in order to prevent possible accidents and injuries. The realization of this objective can allow Golrang Pharmaceutical Group to take more effective steps towards its mission, i.e. health and medical services for all members of society.

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