Abyan Daru Co. Among Top 5 Producers of Pharmaceutical Supplements in Iran

The Managing Director of Abyan Daru Co. stated, “This company is among Iran’s top 5 producers of pharmaceutical supplements. “

According to the Public Relations of Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company, Dr. Hadi Shahbazi, the Managing Director of Abyan Daru Co., pointed out that this company is the leader of quality in Iran’s pharmaceutical supplements market by producing 11 final products in this field. He said, “This company, as a specialized producer of pharmaceutical supplements, seeks the latest scientific findings and tries to keep pace with global trends in this area.”

He added, “Abyan Daru Co. is one of Iran’s top 5 producers of pharmaceutical supplements because its products account for 4% of the market.”

According to Dr. Shahbazi, Abyan Daru Co. is now producing a variety of supplements for different purposes such as pregnancy, women, men, anemia, skin and hair, multivitamins, and joints and bones.

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