Faranpharmed Introduce Three New Natural Products to Iran’s Pharmaceutical Market

Faranpharmed Pharmaceutical Co. has started producing natural medicines and supplements in Iran.

As reported by the Public Relations of Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company, Mr. Moghaddam, the Managing Director of Faranpharmed Pharmaceutical Co., emphasized the growing popularity of natural medicines in the world and stated, “Faranpharmed, as a subsidiary of Golrang Pharmaceutical Group, has introduced two natural products to Iran’s pharmaceutical market: Novoheal (an immune system enhancer) and Altohealth (a controller of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome).” Emphasizing that Faranpharmed was established through the direct investment of Faran Shimi, he added, “This company will soon introduce three other new products to the market: MCT Oil (suitable for premature infants and those under the ketogenic diets), Elderberry Syrup (effective in reducing cold symptoms), and Neozinc Capsule (containing propolis extract, zinc, and vitamin C).

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