The Introduction of a New Medicine by The Knowledge-Based Company Varian Pharmed at The Iran Health Exhibition

According to GPI’s public relations department, Varian Pharmed Co, a knowledge-based pharmaceutical company and a Golrang Pharmaceutical Group subsidiary, unveiled their new drug, Bupivacaine, in 0.25% and 0.5% doses, under the trade name Markovar.

The unveiling of this important drug which is used as a local anesthetic took place at the Health-Based exhibition’s opening ceremony, attended by several dignitaries, including Dr. Behram Eynollahi, Minister of Health, Dr. Hossein Ali Shahriari, Head of the Health and Treatment Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the head of the Food and Drug Administration, and the Minister of Health of Zimbabwe.

Bupivacaine belongs to the aminoamide family of local anesthetics and has a slow onset of action but a long duration of action. Adding a vasoconstrictor, such as epinephrine, increases the drug’s effect’s speed of onset and duration.

The drug is commonly used in local anesthesia with peripheral, sympathetic, epidural, and other nerve blocks.

Varian Pharmed is the first manufacturer of high-tech spinal injection Bupivacaine solution in Iran.

The Health-Based Exhibition, organized by the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, was held on February 26-27, 2023, at the Imam Khomeini Grand Mosque. The exhibition aimed to showcase the achievements of knowledge-based companies in the health industry, including medicine, food, and medical equipment.

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