Varian Pharmed

Varian Pharmed Company started its activity as a knowledge-based company and based on a research and investigational platform in 2009 by taking advantage of the high scientific potential of its personnel. Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products with a high level of technical knowledge that have a quality equal to foreign products and at a competitive price are part of the agenda of this company. Varian Pharmed, after the United States, is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world with In Situ Forming technology, this system is one of the most advanced methods of drug delivery. Varian Pharmed is the first and only manufacturer of this type of drug in the world with the patent of making triptorelin acetate with In Situ Forming technology, which is still shining as a golden leaf of the company's treasure trove of honors. By using the high capabilities of its human capital, this company is not only able to meet the pharmaceutical needs of the country, but also has the possibility of exporting pharmaceutical products and technical knowledge to other countries.