Distributing Pharmaceutical in Iran Goes Intelligent

“Our nationwide pharmaceutical products distribution will soon become intelligent” announces Dr. Amir-Houshang Ghadyani to GPI’s PR unit “Our main goal is increasing the quality and speed of the distribution of medications, supplements, and cosmetic products.”

Mentioning that the distribution of such amount of goods in the medication transport network demands efficiency, Salamat Pakhsh Hasti Company CEO added, “We aim to reach a five thousand items distribution capacity. Increasing the number of our branches in Iran, currently 21, also requires a total change in how we distribute. Our company of fifty headquarter staff and five-hundred employees all over Iran is one of the most efficient Iranian pharmaceutical companies. We hold a three percent share of the domestic medication market”.

“Compared to other pharmaceutical distributors, we are still beginning our journey. However, we were the first to acquire the rights to distribute controlled and narcotic products. As a subsidiary of GPI, we are among the very few distributors that actively use Business Intelligence (BI) in their financial, sale, commercial, inventory, and distribution processes.” Ghadyani points out.

The CEO concluded his remark by emphasizing the company’s outlook of being one of the top six Iranian medication distribution companies by 2025, “We are going to turn a new page in our pharmaceutical end products manufacturing and distribution through working with knowledge-based companies.”

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